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Another fine Nathan Willis product of Abilene Texas

Howdy.  If you’re reading this, then you’ve successfully clicked the link at the top of this blog, or else teleported through the mysterious QR code on the business card that I gave you.

Or at least that’s what this page said for years. I don’t really hand out business cards anymore. In any case, since you clicked here, if you don’t know, my name is Nate, and by day I’m a technology journalist who covers free software and open source. At night, I work on some conference planning and photography, and I design fonts in between—just after dusk and shortly before dawn.

To get in touch with me, you can fax me at 309.215.5299, IM me on a number of popular networks as n8willis, or email me at the address on my card (hahahahahahahahahaha…).  You can also send me a GPG-encrypted message through the “Contact” page at this site.  Maybe. If the plugin is updated, which I wouldn’t count on. I do have a phone number, of course, but you’ll have to get an email from me first.

Finally, if you are really, really bored, you can follow me on Or if you’re really, really bored and hate both freedom and concise usernames:

Thanks, and keep in touch.


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